Meet The Team

Meet Pete -

Mr Amber Ales.


Tired of bland, corporate beers designed for the masses Pete is on a mission to brew the perfect pint. A passionate devotee of the hop and grain, combined with a degree in Chemical Engineering he is at his happiest experimenting in the brewery kitchen at Amber Ales.

Band: The Ramones; Underworld (now listens to: Radio Four!)
Current Book: Tricky... Mich Steele - IPA, evolution of India Pale Ale (inspirational with great recipes), Checkov short stories (makes me smile) and Beer Advocate Magazine ( - still fab!
Beer: Double IPA of course, although Imperial IPA runs it a close second; Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, better than the 90 IMHO. But better on draft (sic) too...
Often heard saying: 'drink beer, be happy'.

JaynMeet Jayn - the wife.

With a background in beer drinking and illustrious career in marketing, she tries to keep us on the straight and narrow whilst secretly planning her own range of botanical ales.

Best ever gig: The Clash at The Assembly Rooms
Film: Moulin Rouge
Beer: a close call between our Jasmine IPA or a Harpoon Raspberry Heferwessien at Legal Seafoods, yum!

John M.L.Meet John - Alchemist Brewer!

Started as Brewery Assistant in 2011, graduated to brewing the full Amber range.

Likes:Good pubs you want to be in and good beer to drink there! Passionate about balanced malt and hop flavours in beer, and the idea of English hops. (some disagreement within the ranks...?)
Favourite beer: 'back in the day' version of Worthington White Shield and our own Imperial IPA
Best beer ever brewed: Toss up between the Imperial IPA and a homebrew special. Watched 20 gallons disappear at best friend's wedding!
Favourite band: A self confessed 'dirty goffic' so Siouxsie and the Banshees
Often heard saying: 'Alchemy plus maths'

NickMeet Nick - tower of deliveries, sales and the bar too!

A new pillar in the team since July 2013, Nick has breezed in and made the organisation a brighter place! A real hop fiend, too hoppy is still not hoppy enough! Passionate about good beer and good pubs, has ultimate disdain for bland beer and boring pubs, a beer aficionado in waiting!

Best beer: A toss-up between our Double IPA and Cambridge Brewing’s Audacity of Hops.
Favourite book: Catcher in the rye by J.D Salinger. Has a battered old copy that was his uncle's when he was young. Probably one of the few things he'd grab on the way out of a house fire.
Favourite band: born with his Dad's taste in music so he says, so it has to be Led Zeppelin, or Wishbone Ash. "But then sometimes you can’t beat rampaging around the living room to Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell after a few beers!"

YouMeet Tom, bottle supremo and 'get it done' man!

Tom has just started and we are waiting patiently for him to write his own bio. Then of course we'll change it...

YouMeet Angus - the farmer

He has lots of happy cows full of Amber Ales brewer's mash.